Allergan Botox Order

Allergan botox order. Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that works to relax nerve-muscle imbalance, explains Los Angeles–based dermatologist Harold Lancer. In other words: Wherever its injected, Botox causes the underlying muscles to temporarily stop moving. When the muscles stop moving, the wrinkles stop forming. But is it really that simple? Not to mention, safe?

You’ve probably heard of people using it before they even have any fine lines, in order to prevent their development in the first place. Or, maybe you’ve seen images of unnaturally frozen-looking faces that have turned you off to Botox altogether. Perhaps you’ve even been invited to a Botox party (which, for the record, we’d recommend you skip). Despite the immense and continually growing popularity of Botox and other brand names, the cosmetic injectables industry still presents many unknowns and inconsistencies.

As such, it’s always wise to do your research before going under the needle. To answer all of our collective questions, we consulted a slew of experts to break down all things Botox.

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